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Successfully managing research data

ZHAW Services Research Data, which was founded in spring 2020, is a central point of contact for supporting researchers in realising the full potential of their research data and in implementing the Open Access Policy of the ZHAW.

As part of the global Open Science movement, research data is to receive more attention. The ZHAW has affirmed its commitment to the Open Science movement and already incorporated corresponding principles into its R&D policy in 2019. However, we need to have suitable infrastructure in place if we are to make optimal use of the potential of research data. This includes collecting, processing and, whenever possible, publishing research data in accordance with subject-specific best practices so that the data can subsequently be used by the specialist community. To establish the necessary infrastructure and to support researchers in managing their research data, ZHAW Services Research Data was founded. This central contact point is comprised of staff from the University Library, the ICT department as well as R&D, thus pooling existing skills and resources.

Offering tools, information and training

ZHAW Services Research Data offers support along the entire research data life cycle, from planning to data collection and data processing through to publication. This includes courses on the basics of research data management as well as on writing data management plans. The central contact point also offers assistance regarding the publication of research data by supporting researchers in preparing data (e.g. data anonymisation) and in selecting a professional data repository. In addition, it offers tools and professional support for the (active) management of research data. Researchers thus have a central point of contact for all questions regarding the data life cycles of their projects.