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New structure, new appearance

The student participation policy was passed by the Executive Board in summer 2020 after a comprehensive analysis of student participation structures was conducted and a project on student participation in the Schools was concluded. Based on this policy, sections will be established in the corresponding Schools in order to increase the participation of students and to strengthen their competences within every School. In addition to these structural changes, VSZHAW changed its name to the ZHAW Students' Union (also called Alias). The rebranding represents not only a reorganisation of the ZHAW Students’ Union within the ZHAW but also a stronger perception among the students. The COVID-19 pandemic left its mark in 2020; the ZHAW Students’ Union not only advocated for fair online examinations, but it was also increasingly involved in the digitisation of academic programmes. In addition, the ZHAW Students’ Union continued to be actively involved in the University Conference (HSV) and provided cultural variety at several events offered by the various Schools at the ZHAW and beyond.