Nicola Zucchetto

  Nicola Zucchetto

Nicola Zucchetto
ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management
Einsiedlerstrasse 31
8820 Wädenswil

+41 (0) 58 934 57 67

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Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Aus- und Fortbildung

2005-2009 Bachelor Degree of Chemistry in Chemical Sciences and Technology - University of Parma
2009-2011 Master Degree in Chemistry - University of Parma
2011-2012 Research assistant - CO.RI.VE.(Research Consortium on the Glass) - University of Parma
2012-2014 Research fellow - CIPACK (Interdepartmental Center for Packaging) - University of Parma
2014-2018 - PhD Student at ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)
2018-ongoing - Post-doc at ZHAW



Beiträge, peer-reviewed

Publikationen vor Tätigkeit an der ZHAW

Claudia, Lantano; Nicola, Zucchetto; Angelo, Montenero; Claudio, Corradini; Andrea, Lorenzi; Ilaria, Alfieri (2013). Antimicrobial films containing lysozyme for active packaging obtained by sol-gel technique. Journal of Food Engineering, 119 (2013). 580.

Claudia, Lantano; Ilaria, Alfieri; Antonella, Cavazza; Claudi,o Corradini; Andrea, Lorenzi;
Nicola, Zucchetto; Angelo, Montenero (2014). Natamycin based sol-gel antimicrobial coatings on polylactic acid films for food packaging. Food Chemistry, Submitted