Dr. Peter Cendula

Dr. Peter Cendula

Dr. Peter Cendula
ZHAW School of Engineering


Persönliches Profil

Tätigkeit an der ZHAW als

Senior Research Associate


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My professional profile www.researchgate.net/profile/Peter_Cendula/

Aus- und Fortbildung

2001 - 2007 MSc. in Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 - 2011 PhD. in Physics, Institute for Integrative Nanosciences, IFW Dresden, Germany and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Beruflicher Werdegang

2007 - 2011 Research Assistant, Institute for Integrative Nanosciences, IFW Dresden, Germany
2012 - Research Associate, Institute of Computational Physics (ICP), ZHAW Winterthur

Mitglied in Netzwerken

Publikationen vor Tätigkeit an der ZHAW

Cendula, P., S. Kiravittaya, and O. G Schmidt. “Electronic and Optical Properties of Quantum Wells Embedded in Wrinkled Nanomembranes.” Journal of Applied Physics 111, no. 4 (February 21, 2012): 043105–043105–5.

Cendula, Peter, Suwit Kiravittaya, Ingolf Mönch, Joachim Schumann, and Oliver G Schmidt. “Directional Roll-up of Nanomembranes Mediated by Wrinkling.” Nano Letters 11, no. 1 (2011): 236–240.

C. Deneke, E. Wild, K. Boldyreva, S. Baunack, P. Cendula, I. Monch, M. Simon, A. Malachias, K. Dorr, O. G. Schmidt, Rolled-up tubes and cantilevers by releasing SrRuO3-Pr0. 7Ca0. 3MnO3 nanomembranes, Nanoscale Research Letters 6 (2011), 621.

Cendula, Peter, Suwit Kiravittaya, Juliane Gabel, and Oliver G. Schmidt. “Control of Rolling Direction for Released Strained Wrinkled Nanomembrane”. Milan, Italy, 2009. www.ch.comsol.com/papers/6621/.

Cendula, P., S. Kiravittaya, Y. F. Mei, Ch. Deneke, and O. G. Schmidt. “Bending and Wrinkling as Competing Relaxation Pathways for Strained Free-hanging Films.” Physical Review B 79, no. 8 (February 26, 2009): 085429.