Barbara Brändli

Barbara Brändli
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Beiträge, peer-reviewed

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Wie erreicht man mehr Praxisnähe in der Übersetzerausbildung?


In: Daniel Perrin; Ulla Kleinberger (Hg.). Doing Applied Linguistics. Enabling Transdisciplinary Communication. (52-59). Berlin: De Gruyter. Peer reviewed.

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Collaborative feedback flows and how we can learn from them

: Investigating a synergetic learning experience in translator education.

In: Don Kiraly (Hg.). Towards Authentic Experiential Learning in Translator Education. (177-199). Mainz: Mainz University Press. Peer reviewed.

Beiträge, nicht peer-reviewed

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Training Feedback Cultures: Growing Translation Expertise

: Posterpräsentation.

In: Didaktik an Fachhochschulen. Selbstorganisiertes Lernen. (25. Juni 2014). Wädenswil: ZHAW.

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Training Feedback Cultures: Growing Translation Expertise in Non-Professional Contexts

: Conference paper.

In: NPIT2:. 2nd International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation. (29-31 May 2014). Germersheim: Mainz University.