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Swiss International Business Boot Camp

The Swiss International Business Boot Camp (SIBBC) is a student consulting program for Swiss enterprises to identify growth opportunities in emerging markets of Asia.

The fast-paced and increasingly complex business context in Asia’s emerging economies requires a strategic however flexible approach to exploit the business opportunities in this region. The SIBBC provides participating companies with actionable market intelligence and business insights into Asian markets by uniting best-in-class business students from our partner campuses and us. With its Swiss International Business Boot Camp (SIBBC) Program, the ZHAW School of Management and Law supports Swiss enterprises in resolving their international business challenges in emerging markets of Asia.

Identifying the business assignment that fits your company purpose

ZHAW SML and the participating Swiss company decide on the scope and the deliverables of the student consulting assignment and define them in a consulting agreement. Based on the requirements of the consulting task, best-in-class students from Bachelor and Master Degree from ZHAW SML and our partner universities at the target destinations are recruited and multicultural student teams are formed.

Your added value throughout the project

The SIBBC provides an optimal set-up to increase your market understanding and improve your local business presence.

Desk Research in Winterthur, Switzerland: The project starts with the spring semester intake in February. Throughout 14 weeks, the consulting team in Switzerland systematically analyzes the business assignment through desk research.

Field Research on-site a target country in Asia
: An additional field research of 4 week on-site the target country in July / August complements desk research with relevant data through primary research. At this stage, the team from Switzerland relocates to the target country and is joined by the professor and local students from the partner university.

Final Executive Presentation: The consulting team converts on-the- ground market insights into actionable business recommendations and presents its findings to the client executives at the end of the project. The presentations are held either on-site the company’s subsidiary or at the head quarter in Switzerland.

Milestone meetings are held regularly to meet the client’s expectations. Professors from ZHAW SML and our partner university guide the consulting teams throughout the entire time of the project.

How participating companies benefit

Companies benefit from a structured and interdisciplinary approach to international business consulting. In addition, our partner network in the target countries of Asia allows the teams to quickly obtain the relevant market data and turn them into added value for the companies.

The SIBBC delivers:


How to become a SIBBC partner company

Do you see challenging developments in any of your target countries in Asia where we can support you and develop new solutions over the time of the project?

If so, we look forward to discuss possible business assignments for you in detail.

Please contact our Center for Asia Business for more information: