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IFM Symposium

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The IFM Symposium 2019 takes place on Friday, 04. October 2019

Expanding the evidence base of FM and transferring research results into real world applications are two of our main ambitions at the Institute of Facility Management (IFM).

We invite you to join a discussion on recent research in FM at our 2019 research symposium on Digitalisation and Healthcare. The symposium aims at transferring research results into practice.

Program (PDF 2,7 MB)


IFM Symposium 2018

«Evidence-based Facility Management - IFM Symposium on workplace and sustainable FM»

→ Medienmitteilung (PDF 66,5 KB)

→ Mediarelease en (PDF 214,0 KB)

Programmflyer (PDF 4,4 MB)




IFM Symposium 2017

«Facility Management - Innovationen im FM für gesunde Lebens- und Arbeitsräume»

Medienmitteilung (PDF 260,6 KB)

Programmflyer (PDF 8,1 MB)



IFM Symposium 2016

«Here we go – Standortbestimmung einer Milliardenbranche»

→ Medienmitteilung (PDF 54,4 KB)

→ Tagungsband zum Symposium 2016 (PDF 10,9 MB)