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New course: Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human language. On October 27, our course "Natural Language Processing Fundamentals" will start. Course instructor Dr. Martin Schüle explains how and where NLP can be used and why it has become indispensable.

Can you briefly explain what NLP is?

NLP (natural language processing) refers to the processing of human language. Specifically, this can mean text or speech data. NLP has been practised for a long time, but in recent years deep learning methods have been able to demonstrate decisive successes. For example, the best text analysis tools or translation machines are driven by deep learning models, that is, advanced neural network models. In this course we give an introduction to NLP with deep learning techniques.

Can you list a few application fields of NLP ?

Any application that deals with human language nowadays falls within NLP with deep learning.

Examples of applications are: text data analysis, chatbots, voice assistants, translation machines, grammar checkers, targeted marketing, text generators.

What are the advantages of having NLP skills?

NLP with deep learning methods is an interesting field of research with many applications. Human language is a fascinating phenomenon and its modelling very exciting. The many applications are developing very rapidly and people with NLP skills are in high demand by the industry as almost all companies and organisations deal with language data in one way or another.

Who is the course interesting for?

The course is for all those who are interested in NLP with deep learning or artificial neural networks or for those who have concrete NLP problems to solve.

It is an advantage to have some programming knowledge, for example in Python. However, previous knowledge of deep learning theory is not required, all deep learning methods are introduced from scratch.

What do the participants learn in your course?

Participants learn the basic concepts and methods of artificial neural networks and deep learning theory that are most relevant to NLP. These are, among others, the most useful data processing procedures, the preparation of training data and the most important deep learning models for NLP tasks.

Each participant can also work on their own concrete NLP problem, which will be presented and discussed in the course.

The course starts on October 27 and takes place in the evenings. Application deadline is October 13. More information and registration: Natural Language Processing Fundamentals

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