International Summer School

Designing Food Value Chains to Foster the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Summer School students


The Summer School is all about designing food value chains. During the international Summer School, you will address strategies, capabilities and challenges which are concerned with the structuring of Food Value Chains towards a sustainable food system. As participants, you will be given the opportunity to develop sustainable Food Value Chains (FVC) and to realise these in a local context.

We warmly welcome the Summer School Class 2018! We’re looking forward to meet you in person.

Learn more about Summer School and see detailed information, click here: http://gof-summerschool.org/

The application Period for the Summer School 2019 in Slovenia will start in October 2018.


Are you curious about our global food system and how sustainable it is nowadays? Do you wonder how food value chains may help to reduce hunger and poverty?

In this exciting free online course you will learn what sustainability means in the context of our global food system. Besides that you will learn how food value chains need to be designed to foster the Agenda 2030 for sustainable Development of the United Nations.

The three eLearning Modules are designed for self-paced learning. The course contains a mixture of rich content, interactive tests, videos, mini-games and a lot of references to additional external content. Often complex topics are explained in a comprehensible way for novice learners and experienced professionals.

Summer School 2017

The Summer School was all about designing food value chains. 29 participants from 11 countries have joined the study weeks in August 2017.