Changes in the TEDD Advisory Board

Ursula Graf-Hausner new TEDD Advisory Board member and Dave Grainger steps out to be scientific advisor at National Institutes of Health NIH.

We have the following changes to the TEDD Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Ursula Graf-Hausner, the former leader of TEDD Competence Centre will take a new position at the Advisory Board. Prof. Graf-Hausner has her own consulting company “graf 3dcellculture”.
  • Prof. Dave Grainger was a member of the TEDD Advisory Board since the foundation of TEDD. As an academic faculty at Utah, he has been recently appointed to a top-level scientific advisory position at the National Institutes of Health. One requirement of this NIH appointment is that he resign all international advisory activities to other governments. TEDD has been identified by the NIH as a Swiss research consortium with Swiss federal support, and he must therefore formally resign from any formal future relationship with TEDD while appointed in this new NIH advisory position. He will still continue to interact with TEDD on an informal non-advisory, non-contracted basis.

We are wishing both new and leaving members great success with their future work.