COST Workshop: 3D cell culture and bioprinting

10. April 2018

COST Actions are a flexible, fast, effective and efficient networking instrument for researchers, engineers and scholars to cooperate and coordinate nationally funded research activities. COST Actions allow European researchers to jointly develop their own ideas in any science and technology field. 

TEDD will be represented during the workshop. Workshop “3D cell culture and bioprinting” in Estonia will take place 10 April 2018. 

COST action CA16119 "In vitro 3-D total cell guidance and fitness"

The present Action is aimed at refining our understanding of the in vivo microenvironment, reducing the differences whentranslating it in vitro, to create 3D total guidance ex vivoculture systems for the replacement of animal use.Traditionalin vitro 2D culture systems fail to imitate the physiological and biochemical features of cells in the original tissue. Differencesbetween the microenvironment provided by cell culture modelsand that distinct of the in vivo tissues are significant and cancause deviations in cell response and behaviour.In this COST action, the present understanding of in vivo micro/macro-environment will be refined in order to reproduce in vitro the physiological system in the best possible way: surface topography, substrate stiffness, mechanical stimulation, chemical cues and localised density will be analysed. This will allow to develop reliable “3D total guidance” in vitro models reducing the number of animals used and allowing a safe translation of the present basic knowledge in cell repair and regeneration from the laboratory bench to the clinical application, with a positive impact on every day’s life patients and general Health costs.Researches in this field are being performed by different groups in the EU, but efforts need to be coordinated in order to avoid duplication, set targets and guidance for future research and to standardise protocols through a large interdisciplinary collaborative EU network. These goals can only be achieved under a COST programme.

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Von: 10. April 2018
Bis: 10. April 2018