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TEDD Partners

Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing

TEDD Partner Highlights

Each month selected TEDD Partners present their institution and give overview of their services. It give you the opportunity to reach to the companies through the highlighted people and find the services you need. Below you will find the current Partner of the month

Interested in being highlighted - let us know at info.tedd@zhaw.chClick on the sticker to see what info we need and to see the example.

Partner of the month

All our partners

  • to the website of our partner 1LAB
  • Logo 3brain
  • Logo Adolphe Merkle Institute
  • Logo AnimalfreeResearch
  • to our partner bachem
  • to our partner baermed
  • Logo Berner Fachhochschule
  • to the website of our partner Binder
  • Logo Biofore
  • to the website of our partner Biopply
  • bio-techne partner website
  • Logo Biotek
  • to our partner BSSE BEL
  • CCIT logo
  • Cellbox solutions partner website
  • to our partner cell culture
  • Logo Cellendes
  • to our partner cellink
  • Logo Cellntec
  • Logo Cellular Dynamics
  • to our partner CelVivo
  • Logo Corning
  • to our partner credentis
  • Logo CSEM
  • Logo Culture Collection
  • Logo Hest ETH
  • to our partner dsm
  • to our partner ectica
  • Logo EMPA
  • Logo EPFL
  • Logo ETH Zürich
  • to our partner ETH biomechanics
  • ETH Zürich Optical Center Logo
  • to our partner ETH Tissue
  • Logo Evonik
  • exentis group logo
  • Logo fgen
  • Logo Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
  • to our partner FILK
  • FLUIGENT logo
  • Logo Fraunhofer Institut
  • logo fujifilm
  • Logo Geistlich Pharma
  • Logo Institut für Chemie und Biotechnologie ZHAW
  • Logo genoway
  • Logo Givaudan
  • Logo Greiner bio-one
  • to our partner HCD GmbH
  • Logo hepia
  • Logo Hes-so
  • to our partner Hightechzentrum Aarau
  • Logo HuberLAB
  • Logo HUG Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève
  • to website ibec barcelona
  • to our partner IBI SA
  • to our partner indorsia
  • Logo insphero
  • Logo iPrint
  • to our partner kugelmeiers
  • LOT partner website
  • Logo macopharma
  • to the website Manchester Biogel
  • Merck logo
  • Logo mibelle group
  • to our partner micro-sphere
  • Logo Microsynth
  • Logo NMI
  • Logo novartis
  • Logo OLS OMNI Life Services
  • to our partner olympus
  • Optics 11 partner website
  • Pelobiotech Logo
  • poietis Logo
  • Logo Promega
  • Logo regenHU
  • to the website of our partner Reprocell
  • Roche Logo
  • rowiak logo
  • RUWAG logo
  • Saremco dental Logo
  • Logo SIRM Swiss Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Sitem Logo
  • Logo Sonova
  • Logo Swiss Tissue Culture Society
  • to our partner stemcell
  • Logo SUPSI
  • to our partner website
  • Logo TECAN
  • to our partner interface group
  • Logo Thermo Scientific
  • Logo Uni Bern ARTORG
  • Logo Uni Zürich
  • Logo ZRM
  • Logo Vitaris
  • Logo Weidmann
  • to our partner xenometrics