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TEDD Partner Highlights

Medical University of Plovdiv

Founded in 1945 in Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, Medical University of Plovdiv teaches a total of more than 6000 Bulgarian and international students within four main faculties and six University hospitals. The slogan of the University is “Dedicated to humanity” and its mission is to prepare the next generation of healthcare specialists who will successfully tackle current and future challenges.

Besides teaching, the University is strongly focused on basic, pre-clinical and clinical research. Some of our research facilities include NMR, animal house, next-gen sequencer, mass-spectrometres, FACS, a 3D-bioprinter, cell culturing, microbiological, and immunological and biophysics laboratories. The Simulation Training Center at the University is an internationally certified comprehensive institution training under- and post-graduate students in noninvasive and invasive techniques in different medical disciplines. Perhaps, one of the biggest strengths at the University is the close work with patients and the focus on translational research.

The fast growing research excellence of the University has been recognized by both local and European funding bodies winning us grants worth several million euros only in the last couple of years.     


In February 2019, the first specialised 3D-bioprinter in the country was purchased as part of the research strategy of the University. The 3D-bioprinting laboratory is located within the Technological Centre at the main University campus and the first project is on establishing a 3D-bioprinted model of colorectal cancer from patient samples. This pilot study is co-funded by a large international pharmaceutical company and extends to the second half of 2020. Future interests include skin, cartilage and bone tissue bioprinting for regenerative medicine.  The laboratory also hosts a large number of undergraduate students in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy doing their elective courses in regenerative and personalized medicine there.

Our expertise in a number of fundamental and clinical research areas, as well as close work with Professors from several clinics within the University and with all six University hospitals will provide extensive support to any future projects and collaborations. 



Plovdiv Medical University – What’s it like to study there?


Prof Stefan Kostianev, MD, PhD, DMSc



Prof. Victoria Sarafian, MD, PhD, DMSc

Vice Rector of Science and Research