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Dispendix was founded to commercialize an award-winning, non-contact, dispensing technology for the fast transfer of fluids, while increasing precision. The first product is called I-DOT (“Immediate Drop on Demand Technology”). I-DOT enables highly accurate, nearly dead volume free fluid transfer from nano- to microliters, while significantly reducing capital investment and running costs. I-DOT can dramatically enhance productivity, and easily handle complex liquid handling tasks, e.g. for DNA Assembly in synthetic biology. I-DOT is an ideal solution for applications in genomics, drug discovery and clinical research. Future developments will be the use in cell line development or precise volume determination.


Standard Liquid-handling equipment can carry out simple and complex tasks, from filling plates to creating reagent mixes from multiple solutions. Such liquid handlers can perform these tasks, but their hardware is not designed to perform combinatorial dispensing patterns efficiently. The I-DOT One offers a solution for simple, reliable and robust non-contact dispensing.

The I-DOT One non-contact dispensing system creates complex assays. The I-DOT source plate is located above the target plate that moves underneath. Each individual source well can dispense into each well in the target plate (SBS-compatible format) with a different and precise volume. Up to 96 different liquids can be used within one dispensing run. This approach enables highly efficient combinatorial dispensing.

The I-DOT One dispenser has an integrated touch monitor and user-friendly software (I-DOT Assay Studio) which make it the best stand-alone dispensing system in the market. To meet your high-throughput needs, the software is SiLA compatible for third party integration.

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