After Work Lecture «Connecting Through Play – Three Occupational Therapy Research Projects»

30. März 2017

Dr. Christina Schulze, Dr. Maria Prellwitz, Dr. Helen Lynch

This After Work Lecture (AWOL) explores part of a COST European Project that supports research on play and children with disabilities across 24 European countries and is an integrated part of the Horizon 2020 research programme. Ludi COST Action is a network of researchers, which was es-tablished with the aim of spreading awareness on the importance of giving children with disabilities the opportunity to play, ensuring equity in their exercise of the right to play and most significantly, by putting play at the centre of multidisciplinary research and intervention. This AWOL presents three projects illuminating how Occupational Therapy researchers are con-tributing to the Ludi Action. Each researcher represents different aspects of the Ludi focus – with attention to play for «play sake», context for play, play form and play as occupational participation. Implications for Occupational Therapy research and practice will also be explored.

Dr. Christina Schulze, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Research project: Occupational therapy and the role of play: A comparison between three countries

Dr. Maria Prellwitz, Luleå University of Technology
Research project: Playgrounds accessibility and usability for children with different abilities

Dr. Helen Lynch, University College Cork
Research project: What is the state of play for children with disabilities in Europe: Perspectives from policy

Diese After Work Lecture findet in englischer Sprache im Raum TS O2.44 statt. Im Anschluss gibt es einen kleinen Apéro.


Von: 30. März 2017, 18.00 Uhr
Bis: 30. März 2017, 19.00 Uhr


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