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livestream at 12:45

Public audience startup voting:
Vote for your favorite startup after their pitch presentation.
The voting will be open during the pitching and for 30 minutes after the last pitching session.
To vote go to www.menti.com: code 2557 3782 or www.menti.com/vqa9ggy1cn or use the QR-Code.


  • BioT (presenting pitch)
    Smart & Secure Device Management for Healthcare

    Bodil Neuenschwander, bodil.neuenschwander@b-iot.ch
  • CorDiFio Health (presenting pitch)
    CorDiFio Heart Health is an awareness raising, communication & early-detection AI-powered platform to empower women & doctors in reaching the right heart disease diagnosis in a timely manner.

    Petronela Sandulache, hello@cordifio.com
  • heyPatient AG (presenting pitch)
    heyPatient offers a digital health companion that organizes appointments, keeps everything important at hand and ensures that patients and healthcare providers are closely connected - also digitally.

    Matthias Spuehler, matthias.spuehler@heypatient.com
  • IDUN Technologies AG (presenting pitch)
    Guardian Brain Computer Interface / Neuro-Intelligence Platform: The IDUN Guardian is a ubiquitous brain imaging system for patient journey characterization and digital bio-marker research.

    Mark Melnykowycz, mark@iduntechnologies.ch
  • Innovation 6 AG (presenting pitch)
    TOM Medications. Making therapies easier.

    Sven Beichler, sven.beichler@innovation6.ch
  • Labelata GMBH (presenting pitch)
    Data Labelling: Enabling Medical Research and AI through high quality data labelling.

    Saad Khalid, Co-presenter: Chris Scherrer, saad@labelata.ch
  • Leitwert AG (presenting pitch)
    Device Hub: IT backbone for organizations to integrate wearable devices from different manufacturers and to enable interoperability between these data sources and digital health applications.

    Miro Käch, miro@leitwert.ch
  • Resmonics AG (presenting pitch)
    ResGuard Med: Easy and convenient respiratory disease monitoring.

    Peter Tinschert, peter@resmonics.ai
  • aiEndoscopic (backup pitch)
    intuBot - an assistive device for safer and easier tracheal intubations. intuBot supports the heavily skill-based task of tracheal intubation, saving lives and costs.

    Philippe Ganz, philippe@aiEndoscopic.com
  • Breess (backup pitch)
    Matching coaches & therapists with customers.

    Svetlana Sobolevska, lana@breess.com
  • Zurich Soft Robotics (backup pitch)
    Sara - the safe robotic arm: A powerful, lightweight, intrinsically safe robotic arm assistant for people with reduced arm function.

    Lukas Lichtensteiger, lukas.lichtensteiger@zurichsoftrobotics.com