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1. Digital Health Lab Webinar

Probabilistic Modeling for Medicine by Georg Spinner

After the great 4th Digital Health Lab Day last Monday, we will continue with the webinar. We have got exciting speakers lined up for this semester. The webinar will take place on about six Wednesdays this semester from 13:00-13:45. This is an invitation for the first webinar on October 5th, but stay tuned for further announcements!

The webinar on 5th of October will be about:

Probabilistic Modeling for Medicine by Georg Spinner (ZHAW)

Zoom-Link: https://zhaw.zoom.us/j/69358648454?pwd=aU14NHVJU2pxdHlJRVlCUWE3cXMzdz09

Abstract: In high-stakes scenarios such as medicine, artificial intelligence/machine learning methods have to be trusted by all parties and should hence be interpretable by both health care professionals and patients. Moreover, large datasets are not always available for every pathology, while expert knowledge often is to build powerful models. These issues will be addressed using probabilistic modeling in two applications: medical imaging and modeling of intracranial aneurysm rupture, where a disease model is learned to disentangle the complex interplay of clinical risk factors.

Short biography: Dr. Georg Spinner is a lecturer at the Research Centre of Computational Health at the Institute of Computational Life Sciences at ZHAW LSFM. His research focuses on the application of probabilistic models on medical imaging and medical data in general to support evidence-based medicine. He studied medicine and physics at University and ETH Zurich, where he received a PhD in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.