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Resilience Engineering

Resilience Engineering: New Solutions with a New Perspective

Resilience Engineering is a new perspective and methodology in safety and risk management. While standard approaches to safety and risk management focus on why technical, human, organisational and/or system failures happen, Resilience Engineering not only focuses on the question «Why did it go wrong?», but also on: «Why did it go well?».

Resilience Engineering aims to model technology-based systems, e.g., (critical) infrastructures, traffic systems, and buildings, in order to enable organisations to design, operate and implement robust yet flexible processes and technology. 

The Webcast Resilience Engineering provides a platform for leading experts in the field to share their experience in the areas of:

  • Methodology and perspectives (Keynote)
  • Aviation and Air Traffic Control
  • Energy Systems
  • Reinsurance
  • Civil Protection
  • Research and Teaching at ZHAW

We are pleased to announce Prof. Dr. Erik Hollnagel as our keynote speaker. He is one of the founders of Resilience Engineering and an internationally acknowledged expert in this field.

The Webcast is mainly addressed to engineers, scientists and practitioners responsible for complex systems in safety, risk and emergency management as well as insurance specialists.