Transition of regional energy systems (TREES) - Phase 1

Future Energy Systems takes a regional perspective, and investigates interdependencies between different actor groups, technological solutions and their impact on the transition path of regional energy systems. To increase the acceptance of policy measures and large-scale developments of renewables, measures have to be found that enable regions to participate in and profit from these developments.

By looking into the potential contribution of regional energy systems towards the energy transition, we address an emerging empirical phenomenon – as evidenced by the increasing number of regional initiatives to increase energy efficiency and the share of renewables in Switzerland. Specific energy regions create new meso-level arenas for experimenting with transition strategies; traditional forms of regulation get complemented with new mechanisms and processes that ultimately determine social acceptance of policies and infrastructure.

We address regional development strategies and the specifics of contextual factors for the energy transition with increased renewable energy and decreased energy consumption. The costs and impacts of the most promising system design and measures will be assessed with simulation tools and different scenarios. How can technological symbiosis and organizational setups (incl. ICT-infrastructure) create powerful user-producer and supplier-consumer interfaces that allow for competitive integration of renewables and energy efficiency measures at a regional level?


  • provide a tool for the assessment of regional steering structures
  • provide appropriate policy recommendations in support of regional initiatives


  • To monitor regional government-, business- and community-led energy initiative
  • To assess the buildup of local conditions that enhance the adaptability of actors confronted with the need to integrate fluctuating renewable energy into regional energy systems


  • Neutral evidence-based picture of the evolution of regional energy systems in Switzerland
  • Overview about regional conditions and applications domains for technology-specific solutions for renewable electricity
  • Systematic assessment framework for policy making and further research
  • Evidence-based recommendations for policy support

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  • Various research partners of the SCCER CREST from different research institutions are collaborators



KTI, School of Engineering

Duration: 2014 - 2016