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International Workshop DynPOWER

Welcome to the 3rd International Workshop DynPOWER Dynamic Stability Challenges of the Future Power Grids

Significant penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) does not only introduce operational challenges due to its stochastic behaviour but also affect the dynamic response of the transmission system due to their architecture based on fast acting power electronics lacking of rotating masses, which are contributing to today’s power system stability as an inherent short term energy storage. The operation of transmission systems is evolving and it is necessary to provide new tools to support its real time operation and to maintain its security.

Organized by Dr. Rafael Segundo and Prof. Petr Korba, the international workshop is a free event that brings together a panel of experts from industry and academia from different countries to debate and present what they are doing to overcome the future energy challenges. The contributions address topics of massive integration of renewable sources, monitoring, protection and control of the future power grids.


The OPAL-RT User Conference RT19 has taken place the 17th and 18th of September 2019 – also in Winterthur. The event consisted of presentations and demonstrations by OPAL-RT Users and OPAL-RT itself focused on Power Electronics and Power Systems applications in different industries. Further Information available at www.opal-rt.com and on www.eventbrite.ca.

Speakers and Presentations 2019

3rd International DynPOWER Workshop

2nd International DynPOWER Workshop

1st International DynPOWER Workshop

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