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Phoenix – (Re)Building Cities. International summer workshop IUL

During one week, students from Ljubljana, Skopje, Valencia and Winterthur are seeking for answers to the question of what we would do, if we had to plan a new city or rebuild a destroyed city.

What would you do if you were given the chance of rebuilding a whole district within an existing city? How do we imagine current urban expansions? Which theoretical basics and specific structural manifestations can we draw from? Where to tie in and for what reason? What are the distinctions in different epochs? Also the ratio between ideal and local solutions is particularly interesting. What can we learn through analysis of ancient and current case studies?


Von: 31. August 2019
Bis: 8. September 2019


ZHAW, Campus Stadt-Mitte, Gebäude MA, Haus Albert Frey, Halle 180
Tössfeldstrasse 11
8401 Winterthur


ZHAW Institut Urban Landscape IUL
Tössfeldstrasse 11
8401 Winterthur