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Staff mobility

Internationally mobile employees are the engines of higher education internationalisation. The ZHAW recognises the value of all forms of mobility and promotes the temporary stay of academics as well as of administrative, technical and operational staff at a partner institution for the purpose of knowledge transfer. The reciprocal trans-national exchange is not only a key element for quality teaching and research, but also a key element in the promotion of student mobility and the internationalisation of curricula. Internationalisation can only be credibly conveyed to the students if it is demonstrated by example. Mobility programmes exist for young scientists. With access to international research consortia, the young researchers establish valuable international contacts and gain experience. Conversely, ZHAW invites international guest professors and lecturers to teach and conduct research at our sites. They contribute to the thematic and cultural diversity of our university.

We take you to the border. You carry us into the world.