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Facts and figures

The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. Teaching, research, continuing education, consulting and other services are both scientifically based and practice oriented. Graduates of the ZHAW are therefore able to hold their own on the employment market.


The ZHAW gives students the chance to acquire the skills they need for successful careers on the national market and also in international and intercultural working environments. Using state-of-the-art teaching methods and cutting-edge technology, the ZHAW promotes a future-oriented teaching and learning culture. Thanks to the teaching staff’s involvement in research activities, students constantly come into contact with new ideas; current examples from practice are incorporated into teaching, and practical projects allow students to gain an in-depth understanding of their subject. The ZHAW places a special focus not only on conveying practical and specialist competencies, but also on developing the social and personal skills essential for success in academic and professional life. Some degree programmes can also be studied part-time.

Continuing Education

Lifelong learning and personality development are the guiding principles of continuing education at the ZHAW. Acquiring practice-oriented and research-based competencies allows participants to continually develop their skills at any stage in their professional careers. The wide range of programmes offered at the ZHAW includes more than 40 federally recognised Master of Advanced Studies programmes (MAS/EMBA), almost 200 Diploma and Certificate programmes (DAS/CAS) and various continuing education courses. The continuing education courses and Master’s programmes at the ZHAW are modular. Various separate diplomas (CAS) in combination with a Master’s thesis can lead to a Master of Advanced Studies diploma. For successfully completed modules, the ZHAW awards points in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Research and Development/Consultancy and Services

As one of Switzerland’s largest multidisciplinary universities of applied sciences, the ZHAW brings together many different disciplines and a wide range of specialist knowledge under one roof. ZHAW researchers develop ground-breaking innovations that can be successfully implemented in practice. Together with industry partners, they carry out several hundred projects with a total funding of about 81 million Swiss francs each year. The ZHAW offers different forms of collaboration to serve different needs: student projects and theses, research contracts and services, long-term research and development projects. One of the ZHAW’s strategic points of focus is energy research. Here, in particular, social challenges such as energy transition require cooperation between different disciplines and interaction between different competencies, since longterm supply security involves a complex combination of socio-cultural, technological, economic and legal issues.
Research and Development/Consultancy and Services


Employers in Switzerland and abroad expect their employees to possess international knowledge, foreign language competence, intercultural skills and an open-minded approach. In order to impart these competencies to students, the ZHAW cultivates a partner ship network not only on a regional and national basis but also on an international level. The ZHAW offers internationallyoriented degree programmes as well as some new double degrees and is continually expanding its mobility programmes. There are currently over 350 partnership agreements with universities in 47 countries. More and more students spend time abroad as a part of their studies or internships – in European countries as well as in the USA, Brazil, Africa and Australia. Increasingly, ZHAW scientists conduct research not only across disciplines but also across borders and participate in international research activities.